BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-29

  • I must be mad; tickled pink re-finding a Functional Pgming blog in my History … time to start busking again. #
  • @pureCaffeine I’ve had 3 Toshibas and 2 IBM, but the longest-lived (apart from the over-engineered IBM ‘486) was Dell LatitudeXPi. Ace box. #
  • /Everything/ about MySpace is lame. Let me enter the comment, let me click send, then tell me "Have to be logged in!". As bad as LinkedIn. #
  • Great set of Obama-related articles at Slate > [www_slate_com] < . . . #
  • Creepy thesis #42: "social software" is means to expand the "I’ll confirm your facade if you confirm my facade" personal dynamic. #matrix #
  • *blink* Clintonites would have us believe that /Hillary/ represents the working class?! > < #oligarchs #

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