BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-28

  • "Innovation" where? City of Seattle even throttles buskers. "You can innovate, so long as we get lion’s share." Enterprise2.0 yaaaa right. #
  • "Disruptive technologies" … what a joke. Rich kidz using hi-tech to tell each other the location of the nearest Starbucks. So screw IPCC. #
  • Looking at what we haven’t even started to do over the past dozen years leaves me really really really cranky. A-list buzz-bullshit. #
  • Pete Seeger on PBS. The musical heritage of social justice sure does show A-list buzz-crap to be pathologically narcissistic. #
  • Exxon’s still fighting compensation for the Valdez spil; buzz buzz buzz? "Social software" is designed to drown out any sign of sanity. #
  • Bloomberg on frank talk: "politics being what it is, candidates seem afraid to level with [people]. > < N … #
  • @technosailor Mebbe stick that into a comment somewhere in the blog? (I assume /somebody/ in HQ reads blog comments.) #
  • "1% of WikiPedia members produce 50% of edits" > < echoes 1% initiate,10% contribute, 89% "participate" #

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