BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-21

  • @pureCaffeine Apparently there’s no $$/cred in making things simple. Go figure. #
  • @SamLawrence BluePills served on a pink spoon … the stuff of much-needed extended metaphor. #
  • @ev You mentioned video earlier … I just peeked this > [web_splashcast_net] < #
  • I think the way "kidz" do things is (passive aggressive) like gang shit: intended to turn others off / turn others away. Snotty; deniable. #
  • I just wrote an email. It was 6 or 8 paragraphs long. It carried maybe as many links. I don’t need 84K "partial attention". Old fool I am? #
  • OMG Ui design research shows we can understand our world! > [www_uie_com] #
  • Mebbe the best flash homepage evah > < #
  • Migrating a large blogsite from MT to WP > [birdhouse_org] #
  • Variant of the old line from Confucius: "When A-list marketers create false needs, what is done need not be done, and real needs go unmet." #
  • @Mickeleh As a 60s era peace-nik / 70s-era peace-keeper I’m working on a platform for just that sort of discourse. (Bootstrapez-vous?) #
  • SuperDelegates; more than you ever thought you’d need to know. Maybe enough. Maybe. > [demconwatch_blogspot … #
  • Netscape Navigator down for the count? > [] < #
  • @JasonCalacanis I sputtered when I heard TED’s "motto" after my so long saying "Ideas worth spending time with" … another near miss! ;-) #
  • Folk think /I’m/ long-winded?! > < back-story to DreamHost’s $7.5M "Uh-Wooops!" #

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