BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-20

  • 404s, inactive links, "Coming Soon" … the intellectual world is a scam playing out in a desert. #
  • Dear cohort-member: Notice how often you’re "too busy"? Notice you’ve time for A-list? Ever heard of Matrix? You enjoy BluePill? *insanity #
  • @mcwflint I’ve spent so much time on and related pages I saved them to HD! (No, not kidding!) #
  • @ev Someone mentioned a good app just coupla days ago. (I’m on Windoze so did not make a note.) #
  • Against the law to discriminate. But if you speak out against it, you can be fired. "Land of freedom and opportunity"?! #
  • GeekGoodness: "YUI Grids CSS" > < "offers four preset page widths, six preset templates, and the etc etc" #

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