BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-17

  • @JoeGermuska Hey Joe – followed you here from the blog link you left in @edwardvielmetti ‘s Yahoo!Group. cheers! #
  • @mcornetto Oh, I wasn’t saying you should blog. I was saying a link to something of yours would complete you Profile here. #
  • Up to both elbows in WP PHP / SQL … I blink and everythings squirms. I’d rather be trekking! #
  • @gapingvoid Peak 70s experience 4moi: BC, small / good folk-fest. (I was clowning!) C’boys were security. Learned "sippin’" whiskey (JD!) #
  • Yuppies are so "butter won’t melt" blithe. Makes the A-list vampires look good; at least they have something like authenticity. #oligarch #
  • heh … SQL as back-end holds a subset of the web. Entities are people too. *snort/chortle* You had to be there. Or here. heh #
  • Lookin’ for the Carroll story, got good copy from LATimes. O’Shea’s been fired. holy shiet. > < *blink* … #
  • The "Reader Apprecation Project". How fine is /that/?! > < WP plugins and such #
  • Kidz? You can’t be both complacent /and/ yearning for satori. Dist’d middle."Like hot elephant to mud-wallow" is whot. There is no others. #
  • ain’t deoxy, but it’s kinna nice. and he tagged 1 post "grohk". so that’s nice too. #
  • Recognize: you smart ass, you smash the Socratic. You’re right. It’s true. Your smarmy sophistry rulez. Welcome to our hell.realm. #arse #
  • @gapingvoid That transcript of our back-stage folk-fest walkie-talkie chat? Oh, and don’t leave out the menu. Food matters. ;-) #
  • @newmediajim If you get close UofDeS check out theatre/drama. Athol Fugard, ‘member? "Sizwe Bonzi". I helped mount w/that troupe. Ayup. ;-) #
  • @gapingvoid Y’all there have brands … we all here have miles of oil-sand. I’m caught in the middle. *rent more than doubled!!* #
  • @trib A trick we picked up QC-A20/FTAA: find facilities Fed use. Ace sound + LAN / projectors / AV and all "tax-payers resources!" *grin* #
  • WhadoImean? Conservatives got the "mo" but not the "jo" … you? Not about bla-yada. About who you be. … schmoe. #
  • @guykawasaki The "power" review comes from a very interesting site > < #
  • yet.another > < this time on "phatic". (Life is about communicative gestures, nae?) #
  • New to me: #
  • @rhh The deep motive behind my work on "participatory deliberation" is actually to make a tool for "forensic interviews". To nail it hard. #

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