BenTrem tweeted on 2008-02-16

  • Dear TwitterVille: have done survey of SocialJustice sites in this oil-rich city (7 hours). The web community at large should be shamed. #
  • The concensus is: I have to be ShutUp. After 35 years doing this shit I know where to look. And I see. So I must be driven into the gutter. #
  • Either you’re a CA-style yuppie or you better fucking be nice … you’re on sufferance. MIL-SPEC tantrika like me? Enemy of the state. #
  • Linksvayer hit the nail on the head: "kleptocracy"; that’s what "nice" young web-entrepreneurs are about, with "crowd-sourcing". #oligarchs #
  • @gapingvoid I know few with his capacity to accept such a comment in good grace. Really something! #
  • Sure is lotsa apple-polishing going on. Never liked me, apple-polishers. Likely to support the bully, they would. *Wanna hi-skul, MoFo?!* #
  • #MarieAntionette A sterling yuppie/sophist gambit: do not deign listen to what’s said, then wryly observe how you fail to see the humor. #
  • @dotBen Catch "String Theory Applied to Physics"? Set up a topology and/but allow "tunneling" i.e. quantum jumping; maintain persona!! :-) #
  • Methinks it’s time to tool up with S3! #
  • @elsua Haaaaaaapee buuuuuuuuhrfdaaaaaaeeeeeiiii toooooooo yooooouuuuuu! #
  • I looooove the smell of hot wiki pages in the morning. #

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