BenTrem tweeted on 2007-04-08

  • NYTimes is taking its Forums down on Monday. The end of an era? Soooooo much heat, so very little light … a comment on our times. #
  • @whurley “Geek vs. Nerd vs. Dork” #
  • /me rereads “Clearing Floats Without Structural Markup” just one mo’ tahm. => #
  • /me wonders how he just now encountered “Tony Aslett, creator and operator of
  • @kvwong *If that was to me* “Floats: The Theory” is what I sought; but it needs to be bought. And for me that’s an ought.not ;-) #
  • /me remains adamant that CSS can be coerced into replecating his very fave “tables” floating sidebar layout. #
  • Doing online survey (CultureJammin’ yaa) the instant I clicked “Would not pay $5 month for that online service?” got “An error has occurred” #

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