BenTrem tweeted on 2007-04-07

  • /me remembers swoooooning over QuatroPro … it was like discovering that I had a crystal ball, and nobody else would look at it. #
  • Ok, someone tell me why I’m in such a bad mood. (I think I miss heavy lifting.) #
  • /me uses his “Invite” for the first time … and … and if that ain’t the stuff of symbiosis my name ain’t Dick Cavett #
  • @mastermaq … *blink* poutine for /desert/?! #
  • OMG the new 1.5 Firefox plugin from produces an RDF that is!! #
  • @bronwen … “TwitThis” it’s called. Nice little thing. #
  • @gervis – life as a bedoin? Hardly an ideal we should strive for; romanticized / baudlerized by those who enjoy conventional security. #
  • /me recalls the ’68 bus … WiFi and laptop? Nope: RTTY and 175Watt 20Mtr XCVR heh … used the gas gennie for our amps too. ;-) #
  • /me watches PBS documentary on Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens and flashes back _big.time_ #
  • Q: what’s the difference between flow that ‘s “one with the Tao” and flow that’s self-validating delusion? A: One people flee, the other … #
  • Woof … Bob Geldof, commenting on “Tea for the Tillerman”. Pleasure, ehh whot? #
  • I’m shocked at the number fo “friends” who’ve read my two new blogs and left not a single comment. Cog-psych … this age is pathological. #
  • @scoleizer Did some UK .edu not mash user location and Jabber years and years ago? #
  • /me used “Gnosis” in email ID 12 years ago #
  • In the right gear, with rubber on pavement … with good b’marklets, on a good page I can do a lot in 30secs. And it’s exhausting. #
  • Microclients, OpenIntelligence, ReadableLaws … my venerable Toshiba Toughbook is groaning. Gotta dumpt del.cio 1.5 *dang* #
  • FF doesn’t register re-size, it drops history, and twitter loses tweets now and again. *head down* #
  • I’ve sent 3 tweets about how FireFox’s History drops things. All 3 tweets disappeared. “Fun”, that’s all, just “fun”. Fool he who works. #
  • Celebration! Firefox shows MySpace, and Twitter shows 2 out of 5 posts! fun fun fun!!! *Gack Ptui* #
  • @davetroy A “new” term from polynesia – “tingling: V. to borrow a friend’s possessions one by one”. “I tingle my friends’ tweetstream.” ;-) #
  • How come good companies produce crap? I ULd my bmarks to del; lotsa lousy tags; reload the “Delete” page for each and every one? Soooo lame. #
  • Someone rolling something back? Twitters are disappearing … 3 of mine in the past hour … most recent was 34 minutes ago. #
  • Now @Hixie ‘s post has disappeared. “Most recent” has backed up to 1 hour ago. #

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