BenTrem tweeted on 2012-09-09

  • @dave_ched Just got home. Did we really not run the ball? or did the running game just dry up? And yes: gotta shake opposing defense up. ^5 #
  • #CFL #Esks – If you haven't yet looked at at TSN's Game On Demand, do! < #
  • Photo of HHKarmapaXVI in 1946 > < #dharma #kagyu #shambhala #
  • Thinking about how some folk strain to like Ayn Rand. Occurred to me how folk strain to love L. Ron Hubbard. Same weak character? #
  • "Facebook Investors Know Exactly Whom to Blame" > < (Bloomberg View) #
  • "That argument is pat" … what's that mean? That it's untrue? Nope. That it's false? In a way, yes. We're human persons, not machines. #
  • @HongPong Glad to know that part of the Indy network has survived. I recall watching Indy sites dying like flies. cc: @emptywheel in reply to HongPong #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy Have always loved that one. But, being pure PITA, always think "But … "following" means getting out of the way." So it klunks in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • News: "Job growth slows". GOP version: "Evidence that O has torpedoed US economy." #
  • I'm pret'near ready to acknowledge that my basic life philosophy was in error. People do notRPTnot respond to constructive criticism. HeyHo #
  • @CFL_Esks – Folk still saying "We didn't run last night". Did we not run? or did we run and, well, not make it work? #
  • @JenniferSertl FWIW something I hooked into 11 or 12 yrs ago: (SRI) in reply to JenniferSertl #
  • @davemcclure I've no seen many offers, but those "early round" I have seen insisted on lion's share; leave nothing 4 later. cc: @fredwilson in reply to davemcclure #
  • "Manifesting expertise"; in A-personalities this is a lust, a craving. But expertise in what? double-talk? There's market pull for that. #
  • @tomfriedman … I've been a techie all my life. It's always been easy. My point: the world you described is carnivorous. Harsh. Maybe mean. in reply to tomfriedman #
  • @tomfriedman Q: why doesn't rising tide raise all boats? can't X have a good life as a barista? or clerk in a book store? Non A-list lose. in reply to tomfriedman #
  • Economy is structured to enrich the wealthy. If you aren't A-list, then you have to be miserable. Self-inflicted injury … shame on us. #
  • @CFL_Esks – TiCats figured out how to pick Toronto apart. That's what I remember of Wilkinson … driving ice-pick into the cracks. #
  • #CFL #MTL Calvillo / SJ Green punish BC on very first play. #
  • #CFL #MTL – Calvillo / Richardson score a major on first drive against BC. #
  • "Funny" story about yuppie chick finding flames in her oven and freaking out, 911 call handled by her 8yr old son. Funny? #pathetic #
  • @JamesKullander Sorry to see that you've given up on Twitter. #
  • … boppie little tune on radio. It brought Donnie Osmond to mind. (That's no compliment.) "Raggae pop". Ohhhhh really. Collapse of culture. #
  • Bought a wey cheap pork roast and slow baked it w/ potatoes, carrots and garlic/onions. Just thin-sliced it. OMG fantastic! #
  • "I've given my life to Jerusalem. I thought we were fighting for god. We fought for wealth and land. I was ashamed." So … what are we for? #

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