BenTrem tweeted on 2012-09-04

  • Zounds, "House" has gotten yet.more dramatic?! #
  • "Psychology of Social Networking" "Social media increases collective self-obsession, or reflects current culture?" > < #
  • "4 Simple Changes To Speed Up Your Site" > < h/t somebody (Twitter search really blows chunks.) #
  • "For supporting the administration, I was told that I was in league with a secret plot to destroy the United States. " #
  • Doggone it … found some beef/barley soup/stew in the freezer. Delicious. Can't recall my recipe!! #
  • 9yrs sitting on my hands while my A-list cohort bla-blahs about citizen participation. B4 yr end I'll launch; watch as my IP gets stolen. #
  • @DonRiep yet.another safety inter-lock … stuff's getting complicated! in reply to DonRiep #
  • @IDProject September happens to be the time of traditional month long quiet period / retreat in some Buddhist communities. in reply to IDProject #
  • 1975 I chatted with Formula racing team about radio comms; 2012 and NASCAR still doesn't have that sorted out. #yuppies #
  • @alexdc More than glad to. I think that, at macro level, individuals' "naivete" acts like fog of war … only benefits the worst of us. in reply to alexdc #
  • @davidwilcox Greets – Reading "Community reporting grows up with its own Institute" … with your CSS it's almost impossible to see links! #
  • Federer gets walk-over in #USOpen as Mardy Fish withdraws. Heart problem again? @DougRobson's May story > < #
  • @davidwilcox I'm old school; underline = link. ;-) What I see: inks are barely evident. see > < My monitor? in reply to davidwilcox #
  • #CFL provides yet.another barn-burner … after dribbling away 11pt lead, Hamilton manages 2pt conversion to tie Toronto at 30. Wh00h00! #
  • 2nd only to Grey Cup, my favorite game: Laour Day against Stampeders, let's MAKE IT SO! #CFL #Esks #
  • @davidwilcox Oh my. So my Spidey Sense wasn't just paranoid. This is FF stable (14) and I checked in Chrome: identical slightly light grey. in reply to davidwilcox #
  • @davidwilcox Sorry, FF stable is now 15. in reply to davidwilcox #
  • #Esks – Hurry, but don't rush. Smooth is fast. 1 man tackles, and sure hands on the ball. Let's take it to'em! #
  • #CFL_Esks – Boyd's scratched? What's that about? #
  • #Esks – Please read my last tweet i.e "Hurry, but don't rush. Sure hands on the ball." Nothing new about hike and punt … c'mon … #
  • @cfl_esks Website is down? "Service temporarily unavailable." 503 in reply to cfl_esks #
  • Cornish definitely left his feet. I wouldn't say he went in head first. #CFL #
  • #Esks – Call a time out and practice hiking the ball. Geezus aitch. #
  • #Esks – Keep in mind: Boyd is a healthy scratch. That makes sense somehow, right? Right? 0_o #
  • #Esks – Decent hike /this time/ … couldn't get it done in time. You gotta be kidding … #
  • #Esks – With other teams I watch to see who wins. With us … I watch to see if we shoot ourselves in the head. #
  • Interceptions are nice. Completed passes are bread&butter. #Esks #
  • @EclecticBlogs Yaa, I heard that. How's this: play him today and scratch him if he's not 100% for game #2 cheers in reply to EclecticBlogs #
  • @EclecticBlogs Education tech?! Nice synchronicity; you connected to Athabasca U at all? p.s. was telco tech in Hay River & DEW line 70s. #
  • #Esks – If you fake to the right and then run to the right then the "fake" only pulls D in your direction. C'mon … #
  • @ryderjaphy Long before I ever read about "profound relaxation" I was quite in love with the hippie notion of authenticity. Water into water in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • #Esks – New game … no interceptions, no bad hikes, no screwy punt … new nail to hammer! #
  • @ifindkarma I've always avoided that formulation Fact is, we're just fine with complexity. Actually, we digest chaos/entropy! @chrismichel in reply to ifindkarma #
  • @EclecticBlogs Good on yuh. Trying to launch something and /wey/ outta my depth. have a good Monday / cheers in reply to EclecticBlogs #
  • #CFL Heads up! After #Esks and #CGY @MilosRaonic will be meeting Andy Murray at #USOpen … a must see! #
  • "Nothing fancy from #Esks Defense there, just wining 1 on 1s" ooooh gotta luv the sound of that! #
  • #CGY gets rouging the passer on one play, next play face-masks QB to take him down. Needy or what?! #Esks #CFL #
  • Burnnett did it again. OMG …. #Esks #
  • #Canadian #tennis – @MilosRaonic on court against Andy Murray in #USOpen on TSN. #

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