BenTrem tweeted on 2012-08-31

  • @dudumimran Dudu! It just occurred to me to look for you here; always well? #
  • Maybe I just never understood commerce. Or didn't want to. Marketing, schmooze, manipulation. Alpine, like military, is existential. #borg #
  • #tennis – Great white shark eats well dignified labrador … Murray is demolishing Dodig. ouch … #
  • #tennis – Watching Dodig working to just hang in against Murray, concept for a novel. (Anybody still read novels?) The "also ran" … #
  • I don't talk "decision management" where folk are dealing with automated algorithms. I talk decision support. EG? NHL contract verbiage. #
  • @davidfrum "Animate base" is empty. I'm astonished, Mr. Frum. As 1 put it, "Base would vote for a sack of cement if it had an 'R' on it." in reply to davidfrum #
  • What I mean is this: KKK types are authentic. Yuppies aren't. Yuppies are compulsively kiss-ass suckups; they're purely driven by "social". #
  • @_Chris_Moore Not me. I'm an LER style grunt. I only want to enable. Is why I'm dismissed so routinely: I don't play that game. in reply to _Chris_Moore #
  • Q: How do you talk to a yuppie? A: with the sure and confident knowledge that you're wasting your time. #
  • If you ever have a moment of clear thought, it's rather simple: yuppies 1st and fore-most need to deny the fabric of their lives. So … #
  • How to make friends and influence people in yuppie culture? Have lots to say about nothing. Like pundits. Oh … and easy money. #
  • @dangillmor I suppose "point of view" is the same as "bias". Pretty spooky, when good, solid English words lose their substance. #borg in reply to dangillmor #
  • @KeithOlbermann The gov't has too much power. Because gov't can't do anything. Because it controls everything. @craig_crawford @HunterDK in reply to KeithOlbermann #
  • Giving sophistry and rhetoric pride of place, selectively rewarding those individuals, we contribute to propagating class. Grunts/officers. #
  • @IdeaGov via @Ideagov ? ;p in reply to IdeaGov #
  • Paul Ryan talking like a socialist. Gawwwwd … #
  • I keep thinking: GOP would celebrate kicking out Obama, while Dems would celebrate not having GOP WhiteHouse. No positivity! #
  • @RedScareBot Truth? "The Boss" was more skillful … intentionally designed contradictions into his policy so you'd be damned do or not do. in reply to RedScareBot #
  • My god conservatives are unprincipled. That Romney flip-flopped isn't evidence that he's a flip-flopper. Incredible. Surreal! #
  • "Government has too much control" … "It starts at the top, with leadership willing to make unpopular decisions". Conservatives are nuts. #
  • @jibtrim Didn't those crappy days start under a GOP WhiteHouse? Facts, please. That how you play poker? fastest gun wins? cripes … #
  • Conservative political doctrine: we truly believe that our silver wand will work because we believe in our silver wand truly. Nuts. #
  • @jibtrim "Look at the continued decline" but ignore the root. Wow … what part of sane is that? in reply to jibtrim #
  • @jibtrim p.s. No, it hasn't gotten. It's gotten better too slowly. Facts, please. (Oh, wait, you mean the debt has gotten bigger. Data pls.) in reply to jibtrim #
  • You want a horror story? GOP foreign policy … something fished out of a pack of bubble gum. Lame-brains. #
  • @TSN_Sports Not going to show last set of Davidenko/Fish? You kidding? Stephens/Malek first set?! This is insane. #
  • @milosraonic So sorry can't watch you. Lots of glory there today; hope you get your slice! best #
  • @jibtrim Carter was root of sub-prime melt-down?! Wow … you otta write a book! in reply to jibtrim #
  • #tennis – Watch Sloan Stephens is about as pleasant as watching someone have their teeth pulled. #

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