BenTrem tweeted on 2012-08-28

  • Oh my … Pirates of the Caribbean "World's End" … wonderfully surreal. I had no idea!!! #
  • That weird powdered cheese you get with macaroni? I only ever use a bit. But … make a big batch of popcorn, then … yaaa, you got it! #
  • @umairh … is how pals talk with pals, IIRC. in reply to umairh #
  • @WabKinew I think we can judge big things by how vivid the memories are. And how they bring up fresh feelings. in reply to WabKinew #
  • @Edmonton_Biz Usually I use parmesan cheese, but I was out. ;-) in reply to Edmonton_Biz #
  • @Edmonton_Biz Say, I see @Twitter has you in Division 11 too. Been telling @Support that Edmonton AB isn't in their database for years. in reply to Edmonton_Biz #
  • @Edmonton_Biz Try the location search. Enter Edmonton. Fail. Try Edmonton AB … "no such location". It's brain-dead. cc: @twitter @Support in reply to Edmonton_Biz #
  • @Edmonton_Biz Fresh popcorn in the evening; fresh muffins in the morning. And home-brew beer anytime I want! ;p in reply to Edmonton_Biz #
  • When I condemn schmooze and #AttentionEconomy it's not (only) on moral grounds. Operationally, that stuff distracts / obfuscates priority. #
  • Harper Gov't “Operational Bulletin 202” instructs Immigration Officers to label U.S. war resisters "criminals" > < #
  • #Esks Showtime! #CFL #
  • Sadly, can sum up Esks O pretty simply: pass for 6, run for 2 or 3. Not a winning strategy. #
  • *face/palm* #Esks … nice pass. Yaa, that: nice pass. #
  • I'm watching football. "Schmooze" really doesn't cut it. Performance iz whot. Why can't IT be that way? #OpenGovernment #Particpation #
  • #Esks – Ok fellas … stage is set. March it down the field. FG at least. #
  • #Esks – Nice … now get Boyd to run and Stamps is released. Yes, like that. Make it so! #

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