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  • @robinbloor Would make an interesting quiz! "A fellowship of ______." in reply to robinbloor #
  • @OReillyMedia Context: @meyerweb and I had been reminiscing about VRML and dear old Cosmo Viewer. cc: @auradeluxe in reply to OReillyMedia #
  • RNConvention in FL maybe postponed due to TStorm Isaac … God's wrath for being so arse? #
  • @Edmonton_Biz I was into the stuff very early … '72 … SGML early 80s. But never had access to the net. So WWW '95 was a major big deal. in reply to Edmonton_Biz #
  • "Twitter developers send inquiries to the Federal Trade Commission over possible anti-trust issues" > < @TNW #
  • #CFL – Did he just say "15yds" on that no yards punt reception? That rule … someone make it clear for me. When 15yds? #
  • @ryderjaphy "To this meditator who arises in unceasing play" :-) In the 90s I collected references to "profound relaxation" … gems! in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • @ryderjaphy p.s. Khenchen TR was my b'sattva preceptor. Most of my "interview" we chatted about life in small town / agricultural community. in reply to ryderjaphy #
  • @kevinmd Yoiks / zounds / gadzooks, absolute. Data != information. in reply to kevinmd #
  • @Katie_Ostler Don't be bothered by it … everything is //entirely beyond your control.// ;p in reply to Katie_Ostler #
  • @Katie_Ostler There are known unknowns, and then /*evuhl seductive grin*/ in reply to Katie_Ostler #
  • #CFL Beaut: Congi FG in the dying minutes put Hamilton 1pt ahead of MTL. His longest since 2010, 47yds. #
  • #CFL – A minute later, after a series of "surgical" AC passes, set up for a 30yd FG for MTL to win. And? … Yup, Alouettes nail it. #
  • @Mallard_Duck – Just so'z you know, my alter ego may agonize about it, but for me it's simpler: I just don't hunt anymore. in reply to Mallard_Duck #
  • @ChaIslandTeaCo Just found (@Abstractals) on FB … just south of me on 71st Ave! Get them/him to display? –WillowBear in reply to ChaIslandTeaCo #
  • "Firefox OS for Raspberry Pi" > < #
  • @Abstractals Hey Andrew … you and I gotta have a sit down. Say, you know MillCreek Cafe? Due N of you; across 96th from me. cheers! -ben #
  • @Abstractals Omg just saw your … know what? the 1 abstract painting I did was circular / geometric. 1968! :-) in reply to Abstractals #
  • @Abstractals Snooping that lovely little Flash app on your site; a near/dear friend in Halifax (fm AB originally): < #
  • @Abstractals Yes, yes, the biological / fuzzy! :-) Did you know those famous cave paintings were blown pigment? New explanation of them. in reply to Abstractals #
  • @anildash Because it ruins their health? I honestly hope you're just joking. in reply to anildash #
  • @jedsundwall Thing I've always dreaded about cynicism: it's infectious … as though considered somehow posh. @anildash in reply to jedsundwall #
  • Well, there's another A-list who's going to block me. Such a dark age we live in … #
  • @anildash … so therefore let's aid/abet/encourage the most damaging? Sir, I'm sure your internal logic is far more rigorous than that. in reply to anildash #
  • @jedsundwall It's pretty simple: lotsa guys abuse the system, so hey, they all should! What's that if not cynical? in reply to jedsundwall #
  • @jedsundwall Yes, that is difficult. "Bring it all on!", on the other hard, is easy. Slippery slopes make for bad arguments. in reply to jedsundwall #
  • Nearly 4hrs reconstituting a severely smashed RSS file … 3KB. Would I do that for $250? Maybe. But only maybe. Painful; so many macros. #
  • p.s. Ouch. Lost 1 important field. And did a ton of cleanup //after// having run that macro, so cannot just ^Z. Dang. #
  • "Daniel Bachhuber: Zen of WP Development" APIs and stuff > < (WordPress.TV) #
  • @jedsundwall Not sure there's so much needing to be done. Like any social problem … fuzzy and wicked, no? in reply to jedsundwall #
  • @Nacin – ReWrite comes up at 03:00 of Dan Bachhuber's video > < #
  • "New programming slang" > < h/t @nikolayb #
  • @Nacin – I'd like to mash audio (Gawd I hate room echo!) fm w/ < You okay with that? #
  • @Nacin – Slides run out at about 19:00; there was at least 1 other image (still listening) … can haz? #
  • Nice little video player in FF. Use Rewing more than 4 or 5 times and it no longer works. 2012 and software is //crap//. #
  • heh … press pause, drag the widget back, and it springs forward 3 or 4 minutes. (And yes, I did reload the page.) Toys for kidz. #
  • Instead of using rewind/play in FF, what to do? Simple: use the software you //paid for// to record the video, and work with that. Toys … #
  • @Nacin – I mashed your wp_query … AVI and MP4 > … let me know what you think. ^5 #

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