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  • @howardweaver p.s. I drilled into "discourse ethics" to find some elemental part. "Topics" almost nails it. in reply to howardweaver #
  • @howardweaver We (N'n Alberta) dodged a bullet. Terrifically dry spring, but cool temps and good precip recently. in reply to howardweaver #
  • "

    "Write Hard, Die Free; Dispatches, battlefields and barrooms of the Great Alaska Newspaper War" by @HowardWeaver > < #

  • Dear @CFLonTSN – Can you throw a filter into the audio to block that woman's constant high-pitched squeal? Please? Puhrty please? #
  • @pkedrosky You know how lousy prof can suck the joy outta stuff; this dewd knew the theory /and/ the inside story. So much to it! in reply to pkedrosky #
  • Heh … like the good old days … you.know.who just ran his mouth, this time on Joho > < (I blame @HowardWeaver /*G*/) #
  • #Culture – When someone really means "Tell me more, I don't understand" they don't say just "What do you mean?" Lazy is rude. #
  • @CFL_Esks – Woa, nice email (Eye-blacks? yaa, ok … but I want one of those tees!) #
  • "Calling bullshit on social media" by Scott @Berkun > < #
  • Holy crap you gotta see replay of Burris' pass just now … it was like he flicked it … what, 50yds? Amazing arm strength. #CFL #
  • Win/lose/draw #WPG is enjoying their team tonight. #CFL rocks! #
  • Wow, Burris doubled up on his dozzie pills. 10yd pass attempt 3rd and less than 1 with the game in the balance?! zounds #CFL #
  • Wow, is pretty sexy! > < cc: @SmallRivers #
  • Dear #GoogleDrive – I intentionally did notRPTnot select to load GDocs. You did it anyhow. Bye now, thanks for playing. /*bzzzzzt!*/ #
  • "Pinterest, Tumblr and the Trouble With ‘Curation’" > < (NYTimes) "avenues of procrastination"? #
  • Members of Russian band "Pussy Riot" found guilty of hooliganism; sentenced to 2yrs in prison. #
  • "Artur Davis and Other Democratic Party Apostates: A Brief Taxonomy" > < (New Republic) #
  • @novaspivack Marco does a nice compare/contrast Twitter/Appler store > < cc: @anildash in reply to novaspivack #
  • Folk show their true colors in discourse. Not in debate. Certainly not in argument. (How to become effective activist? "Buy a suit." FFS.) #
  • Mundane roots of evil – Talk about mkting/SEO, you get attention. Talk about discourse in decision making … /*pfffffffft!*/ #
  • @StateDept Russia is a nation of laws, yes? Okie dokie: let's see what their legislation reads concerning "hooliganism". in reply to StateDept #
  • @photomatt heh, you started talking about TwentyTwelve I, here, went "Whoohoo!" Then you called on Drew and you, there, went "Whoohoo!" :-) #
  • For the first time I pondered purchasing a MacBook … Retina, of course. Holy crap, $2200?! #
  • "The Best Information Comes From Short Questions" > < (CEO Refresher) #
  • @GSiemens – Heads up: on is 404. cheers #
  • "How To Make Your Website Fast" by @DrewM > < Nice to find good, solid, substantial blog post. #
  • Death of culture? 2 tech pundits I follow on my other account; 1 tweeting about names for yogurt, the other about an app that predicts rain. #
  • @mathewi "Discourse" is my key term for creating something chat-like that can be multi-threaded / filtered. cc: @chuq #taxonomy #ontology in reply to mathewi #
  • @carlmalamud re: BG on your profile – FWIW I'm Karma Kagyu. Tashi delek! #
  • #DeathOfCulture – A car that beeps its horn to tell you that you've put enough air in the tire. Yaa, I fill my tires 3, 4 times a day. #
  • @virtualactivism Shall I confess that I don't? ;p in reply to virtualactivism #
  • @BrentButt /me finds himself thinking of Cowboy poetry. /me blames Brent, yet.again in reply to BrentButt #
  • @janeforshort Karma from working with the gang of folk that you do. ;p "Gather yee rose-buds!" in reply to janeforshort #
  • @FINALLEVEL Rachititude? in reply to FINALLEVEL #
  • @DanielWRasmus The internet's uncertain future has been predicted? in reply to DanielWRasmus #
  • @BrentButt Say, have you spent time in Cape Breton? That pic kinda reminds me of Baddeck. (I lived in Iona. Stewart McCleans "Big Narrows".) in reply to BrentButt #
  • @virtualactivism Just so … too often / not often enough … the Middle Way recommends itself yet again! :-) in reply to virtualactivism #
  • @edmontonpolice Hi there – When it looks like you're spitefully jerking folk around, that's functional equivalent to jerking folk around. #
  • @edmontonpolice p.s. my point is, that sorta thing is lose/lose. ^5 #

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