BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-28

  • Note to yuppies' kidz: having been fucked over by smarmy pricks doesn't give you licence to act like arseholes. Have a thought sometime. #
  • Oh lordie, feeling definitely un-well. "Long term gain" sure sure. Pushed myself bicycling. Oh lordie, too much like slow lingering death. #
  • Endorphins? Coupla hours I tweeted "feeling definitely un-well" after a hard bike ride. Had juice and fruit. Cooked roast. Feeling great! #
  • @kulpreetsingh With wholesome, sane people perhaps. What I see? Bi-polar: some are to be sucked up to and suffered, others to be exploited. in reply to kulpreetsingh #
  • Freakin' greedy capitalists couldn't even show Olympic opening commercial free … chop and hack. F'ing idiots. #
  • The companies that bought time to interrupt Olympic openings should be boycotted. #
  • Olympic opening is an amazing ceremony. The power of universal ideals, however primitive and elemental? #
  • OMG the Queen with Bond! haahaha! Complete with palace corgies, gotta love it! #
  • @NellaLou Oh wait heh yaaa, sure was. Who'd uh thunk it?! in reply to NellaLou #
  • Haaaaaahaha what a scream this parachute jump turned out to be! #
  • Ruggedly handsome, Queen is. #
  • Olympic ideals … primitive and elemental? Maybe that's the point: "we", against the nihilists. #
  • Wh00h00! Chemical Brothers as theme music for entrance of athletes! WH00H0000! One of my fave songs. #
  • Theme from athletes' entrance: "Galvanize" by Chemical Brothers (2005) "Don't hold back!!" > < (6:33 MP3) Rockin' tune! #
  • What's the story behind Czech athletes' shiny blue rain boot?! #
  • If I was doing security at the Olympic stadium my heart-rate would be edging up into the red zone. #
  • Now, it so happens that a blue beret is my usual head-dress. (2nd is my expensive Ford Racing ball cap.) But … why on US team?! #
  • haaa! back to Chemical Brothers to wrap up athletes' entrance! wh00t #
  • @DougSaunders You'll notice someone else was at the helm for home stretch. Imagine Beckham resisting the urge to show-boat! in reply to DougSaunders #
  • "We" and "us" … to counter the nihilists. #
  • @NahlahAyed Quantum: 1st time all teams included women. Slow, the wheels of history. ^5 in reply to NahlahAyed #
  • #Canadian #Television #Olympics2012 – This is nice: calendar of CTV games coverage: < #
  • Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: #CFL is on … and after #Esks loss, they're the only team I care about now. #

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