BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-23

  • #CFL – Wudda loved to see #MTL D deny that touch-down … righteous karma for dumb-ass show-boating. #
  • @JasonClermont Gawww you sure are some polite. I called it dumb-ass show-boating … the polite version, for twitter. heh ^5 in reply to JasonClermont #
  • @JasonClermont p.s. you stayed in Regina?! I didn't know! Congrats / good on yuh! Is what makes our league, yaa? best –ben in reply to JasonClermont #
  • @delong huh huh … year by year, WWW gets shittier and shitter. Wrote a comment on your post. "Post" and "Review" both greyed out. FFS. in reply to delong #
  • Having a blog that allows people to comment. Too much to expect from you? F'n yuppie wankers … #
  • #Dharma – I made a terrible mistake w/regards to bodhicitta. Clear from sangha's self-serving narcissism. Gung.ho Zen only now on. #

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