BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-21

  • #CFL – Watch: his elbow hits the ground and pops the ball out. Lord knows I don't cheer #CGY but "ground doesn't cause fumble". #
  • #Esks – Hey D-line: get footage of #CGY #039;s final 2 minutes against #SSK … show to O for inspiration! Gorgeous. cc: @CFL_Esks #
  • @CBCChrisBrown Hey Chris; stay well. But a quibble: automatic rifle? semi- and fully-automatic are diff by an important fact. cheers #
  • @ayjay "Shut up" warrants retweet?! #
  • @nigelcameron Lovely post. Will re-read. But Q: where's the "decision-making" component? in reply to nigelcameron #
  • @meyerweb /me points at Cosmo Viewer. Am I alone in wishing VRML were alive and well? in reply to meyerweb #
  • @scottbelsky I heard (somewhere) that Jobs had been musing about TV.UX … I wonder if he left any notes. in reply to scottbelsky #
  • @ayjay "Hey shut up" is irony. Oh. I wonder how many people following you thought it clever irony. bye now in reply to ayjay #
  • @CBCNews NB: if shooter had "automatic" weapon, please do say so. AFAIK AR-15 is semi-. Not the same. #

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