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  • @motownmutt They seem pretty open to feedback/suggestions. And I'm sure they're looking to differentiate. Tough niche! (How to make a buck?) in reply to motownmutt #
  • @AriMelber Happen to have Foucault in another tab: < cc: @MichaelEDyson @mhpshow in reply to AriMelber #
  • @rands I'm wondering when someone will build some sorta shiny / friendly front end for IRC. Such a robust platform. in reply to rands #
  • It truly is this simple: the electronica I heard on CBC AM as I walked in the door at 5AM was better than what I'd heard at the club. #YEG #
  • @wayneweum It's very difficult to read meaning into 2 words. Try 4. Or 5. Or, heck, even 8. Or, well … STFU also works. cc: @edmonton_biz in reply to wayneweum #
  • Hangover is merely cost of doing business. But heh hiccups is huh huh just an unreasonable indignity. #
  • I wudn't say my yuppie cohort is a pox because they're wrong about everything. Nope. But I might say they're a pox cuz they have no clue. #
  • Well ain't that somethin': stay out all night after #UFC and guess what: now get to watch Federer / Murray in tennis. #karma #
  • Federer wins Wimbledon. Ok … not such a huge surprise. And reclaims worl #1 position. Oh. Oh my. OMG. That's simply amazing. #
  • Just a thought: looking into the natural world (ethology) or into the stars (cosmology) we find no "rugged individualism". Connection! #
  • @coffeepartyusa Not sure about state-side, but the demographics of the native community here in Canada run against that trend. ^5 in reply to coffeepartyusa #
  • "We have lived beyond ours means for a long, long time." Pierre Trudeau gave such a speech mid-70s and got bitch slapped. #
  • @MarkDykeman Not suggesting you have time in your schedule, but heh as a meditative practice: make noodles. Results will astonish you. in reply to MarkDykeman #
  • @brianbreslin Is it just me? I'm feeling a tension between reporting _a la_ rapporteur (narrative, but forensic) and marketing blather. in reply to brianbreslin #
  • @TheBuddhaNature Practice w/o knowledge: stumbling blind in the desert. Knowledge w/o practice: "like a rich man shackled to his wealth". in reply to TheBuddhaNature #
  • @chrislhayes Have you seen historical maps of how the city developed and grew? Fascinating … tectonic. in reply to chrislhayes #
  • @innocence "Restorative justice" … as though community matters. stay well in reply to innocence #
  • "Water is going to be the next strategic concern" … freakin' yuppies. I was saying that in 1976. Nasty children, yuppies are. #
  • @adrielhampton What would the good/bad litmus test be? I find myself thinking Asimov, Heinlen et al … that the things dignify persons? in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @DorianDavis There's a red meat lust in the air. Folk are wounded and confused. "Confrontational" need not be antagonistic, but … in reply to DorianDavis #
  • @chrislhayes Density / size … might be interesting to map that as though topography, and compare with other great cities e.g. Tokyo. in reply to chrislhayes #
  • @MarkDykeman Ah, but bread (which I make, and love) requires oven / baking … noods don't. Try it! You'll like it! in reply to MarkDykeman #
  • @brianbreslin Boy … a reflection of corporate ethos/culture, yaa? Sycophancy VS hard-nosed pragmatism. Great project! ^5 in reply to brianbreslin #

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