BenTrem tweeted on 2012-07-02

  • @esksbuzztap A fine start: to win while seeing how easy it wudda been to lose! Good show; lovely afternoon. in reply to esksbuzztap #
  • @cfl_esks Way to go fellas. Wudda cudda shudda … good win! ^5 #
  • @tundekas Secure my account? You misunderstand. Anybody can put anybody's twitter nick in any tweet … nothing about security to it. in reply to tundekas #
  • @BrentButt This aft? At the Esk's game? I went for popcorn. I recalled Corner Gas. I had chili cheese dog. Your fault. /*yoiks!*/ #
  • CBC "The Trotsky" – I'm so, so, soooo glad to see that someone in this world still has an actual sense of fucking humour. Thank You!!! #
  • @strombo George – see The Trotsky. (Well, for now at least.) _solidarnosc_ –bernard in reply to strombo #
  • @cfl_esks BTW working on a project to virtualize sail racing tactics. Not trivial: < It'd work for football too! #
  • @cfl_esks Pre-snap: X options. Post snap: Y options. In movement: Z options. Not infinite. Just really complex! #
  • Detail – Jim Beam and T3s aren't enough to muffle real bad molar gone nuts. Dang … #
  • #TheTrotsky – I was lucky: 1st demo was against an all white cricket team from SA, on a world tour. Anti-apartheid. And the cops were pigs. #
  • @mbauwens But actually evolution is aggregation of individual events. It's dangerously wrong to reify "group". Events are individual. in reply to mbauwens #
  • #TheTrosky – No, really … would anybody //not// Canadian get it? Kevin Tierney … thanks bro'. ^5 _!venceremos!_ #
  • … just karma, I guess. #TunezWiki > < Noah. Van when I 1st hrd. Then TO ?what? 10ys ago. @NoahPred? #
  • @cfl_esks … for those situations where you're in Red, 2nd and 2, and you go for a 4yrd pass. meh < hooa ^5 #
  • @cfl_esks "Spoiled" homecoming?! Naww, Ricky's always welcome. Same ol'team, same ol'stadium, same ol'outcome. Same ol'welcome. Any time! ;p in reply to cfl_esks #
  • @ponlop Lama-lah? Nepal? or Bhutan. (I dare not think of Rumtek.) Cyber the kings? or studio the people? > < #
  • #NalandaBodhi #Shambhala – Trans of "Ful Ko Thunga"? Is thunga a type or style? "Ko" caught my attention. TD! < #
  • @KrishnaDas "Anjani" I knew naught of. And body of a thunderbolt?! Vajra Baba! __{*}__ namaste / mangalam –Karma Chopal p.s. 2morow drums! #
  • Ooh, Happy Canada Day ya'll! ~~~ ~~ ~~~~ (Waves … is me waving at you. An old net joke.) #
  • #kirtan – This today, in Madison WI > < With @KrishnaDas … looking forward to this energy in foothill country! #
  • @tundekas BTW, just wondering: why bother repeating with a RT when you reply? Anyhow, cheers. in reply to tundekas #
  • @mbauwens Yes, of course. Or at least perhaps. ;p My point: who acts? individuals. Who changes? individuals. in reply to mbauwens #
  • @nigelcameron Was just pondering that … what we take as basic civility. p.s. heard restoration might be after July 4. cc: @nytjim in reply to nigelcameron #

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