BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-15

  • "The Future Of Energy and Public Good: There's No One-Size-Fits-All Solution" > < @BigThink YouTube #
  • Putin got what he wanted: he can say Clinton has insulted Russian autonomy concerning #Syria Just can't reason with a psychopath. #
  • RIP Ostrom; female Nobel "resources better managed by communities than by governments or private companies." > < #
  • Need manifest evidence of what //I// mean by "yuppie"? Watch how people are insane with their dog. Zero common sense. Insanity. #
  • 2012 and Vista Explorer locks up and crashes cutting a file from one flder to another. How pathetic. #
  • @hashtags Greets – Your graph on shows early November. Time for an update? #
  • @Gist … nice. Sencha/ExtJS? Very nice to look at. see LinViewer: #
  • "The Intervention Dilemma; When should states intervene militarily to stop atrocities in other countries?" > < #Syria #
  • heh … yuppies: no end to the madness. Buddy posts on HuffPo about being more generous with one's self. Yaa sure: why are comments closed?! #
  • 35yrs ago I did public workshops on foreign aid policy. Results? Saw that folk trivialize everything. So, I should teach authentic presence? #
  • @nigelcameron I'm spidering Elinor Ostrom (RIP) "Governing Commons: Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action" < in reply to nigelcameron #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy I'll see your Janet Jackson and raise you a Joan Armtrading > < in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy The album version of the same tune … better groove > < in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @manjusrii heh … I can see it now: Manju with an iPad in his hand! :-) greets #
  • @manjusrii There's quite a number of #dharma types online, of course … it's been quite a fad for a longtime. For what that's worth. ;-) in reply to manjusrii #
  • @manjusrii Oz hunh. Here's a coincidence: just started a b'mark cluster around this item: < #EvidenceBasedPolicy #

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