BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-13

  • And that's what happens when calls aren't made: things hot up and good players get tossed. #StanleyCup #
  • @Twitter – Why are you inserting this jerk's face at the top of my Profile? < #
  • @Twitter – I notice that tweeting you never has any good effect. Get off my profile, if you would. #
  • 3 – 0 in games, now 3 – 0 in goals … tough sledding! #Devils #
  • @TSN_Sports Adjust your sociology. English speaking Canadians might cheer England. Fine. Why would Francophones cheer France? C'mon … #
  • @webjournalist Yaa, LA had a 5 minute power play … boarding against the Devils. bummer in reply to webjournalist #
  • Dear Marty – I'm so sorry … so very, very sorry. #Devils #
  • @Twitter @Support – Why have you added twitter_web_sprite_bgs.png to the top bar of my Profile? #
  • Holy crap, anything //not// gone wrong for #Devils Gionta felled by a shot. Oh, good, lookin' okay. #
  • What can you do … give it 1 more big shot. #Devils #
  • @Support – Who do I ask about twitter_web_sprite_bgs.png you added to the top bar of my Profile? #
  • @PJ_Golding Nobody wants to mock Kovy, but concensus seems to be … like I said … he's always pulling up lame. Maybe it's cuz I care? in reply to PJ_Golding #
  • #StanelyCup trivia – Kings would be first 8th seed to win the cup. #
  • @dtapscott Their dB may have burped. I have someone else's avatar as top bar on my Profile. in reply to dtapscott #
  • With less than 5 minutes left … dear #Devils – Glad I started watching you more closely. I've enjoyed the ride. stay well / cya next year! #
  • Shudna pulled Marty. #Devils #
  • Congrats to #Kings organization. Did the right things. #StanleyCup #
  • @adrielhampton Apparently first time ever that team seeded 8th went all the way. Speaks well of the organization! in reply to adrielhampton #
  • Given the number of confident opinions about #Wikipedia that are superficial at best, if not just plain silly … do "we" know it a all? #
  • You see, your #AttentionEconomy has the effect of devaluing thoughtful consideration. While you accumulate wealth. Or just have fun. #
  • @Twitter @Support – You added twitter_web_sprite_bgs.png to the top bar of my Profile. Take it away, please. #
  • 80 / 20 … why would @Twitter @Support pay any attention to how they just screwed up? Some coder might, but #AttentionEconomy skews things. #
  • @adrielhampton I swear, if there were peace and well being in the world I'd have been a sports writer … so many good back-stories. !j/k in reply to adrielhampton #
  • Helluva story … about folk going off half-cocked on trivialities while ignoring substance. A real McCoy of a story. #
  • @Twitter @Support – You inserted /img/twitter_web_sprite_bgs.png into the top bar of my Profile. Please remove it. #
  • @adrielhampton Fascinatin'! Exploring something that seems to clear-cut and discovering the ambiguities and complexities? :-) cheers in reply to adrielhampton #
  • #Must Read "The Forgotten Communitarian" > < (DemocracyJournal) #
  • @Twitter @Support – You have added to my profile top bar. Please remove this absurdity. –ben #
  • "Mourning An Uncommon Student of the Commons" by @DFarber > < (UCLA Legal Planet) #

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