BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-18

  • ReTw @the_wrangler / @ITGeek – The Radical New Humanities Ph.D. > < via @insidehighered cc: @CathyNDavidson #
  • If I hadn't taken bodhisattva vow right now I'd be playing flute, or playing Go. Instead? /*sigh*/ Poor, poor world … #
  • Talking to a buddy about his work in the oil patch. He gets $225 per dium. Yes, above salary. Me? That's my monthly good budget! #
  • @ianbremmer I suspect the independents can be appealed to with points like that, so long as it's shown and not just hyped. #Praxis in reply to ianbremmer #
  • "American public is less likely to believe that climate change is caused by humans than they were even last year" > < #
  • @campattendant … kinda like talking to someone from a different planet. On some things there's just no contact or conneciton. in reply to campattendant #
  • It would all be so easy if I just slipped into complacent selfishness. "I'm alright Jack" and to hell with civil society. #GlobalGulag #
  • Remember It seemed like a solution. ATM I have 3 FF, each wit a dozen or so tabs. And already a ton of b'marks. What to do?! #
  • Maybe I should have stayed with hi-tech R&D … a very profitable way to waste my life. #Sisyphus #borg #
  • @jayrosen_nyu If I have any hope for things cyber (And I do!) it's this: now and again a little bubble pops up that makes clear some stress. in reply to jayrosen_nyu #
  • @kilobugs Oh, hey there! Last notification I got said "Needs time; needs place". Not easy to start this sort of thing! in reply to kilobugs #
  • @CathyNDavidson Good to see you Tweeting! I fall away from the habit, but then am surprised at how much I enjoy it when I re-enter! cheers in reply to CathyNDavidson #
  • @LifeAligned see @CathyNDavidson's "Collaboration by Difference in Less than 4 Minutes" > < My focus: decision making. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • I so hate having to UnFollow people, but I'm boxed in! With only 1.5K following me, I hit my 2K limit. So sad! #
  • @mathewi Boy ain't that the fact. Remember when seemed to be the fix? I'm swamped. Even b'marks just don't do it. #tsunami in reply to mathewi #
  • When I think about the sort of group-think A-type personality that innovation requires, it makes my skin creep. No, there isn't only 1 view! #
  • Know what it's like to work a hard 40hr week? Ok. Even a hard 60hrs? Ok. Try banging head on a brick wall for months and years. #discourse #

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