BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-14

  • 38 seconds left in Washing #Capitals #039; season … looking forward to more #Rangers but will miss the Caps. #
  • I love Mill Creek neighborhood, but 3rd time I stop a burglar. Shaking like a leaf. #YEG #
  • @LifeAligned Dana Boyd on radio ATM. (Is she not on Twitter?) "We learn world / politics by talking with people who have different opinions" in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @zephoria Listening to your Sunday Edition item … wonderful. Help me quote you correctly? ==more== in reply to zephoria #
  • @zephoria Is this close? "We learn how politics and the world works by talking with people who have different opinions than we we." Close? #
  • @CBCSunday Hi – RFE: allow us to link to individual items e.g. Danah Boyd. A blog design would make each is a separate post to link to. #
  • @CBCSunday Odd: I can't get a link from your homepage, but by Tweeting I find > < That should be easier to find! #
  • 30min intview w/@zephoria "Today's teens seem to live online. Danah Boyd, thinks the kids are alright." > < (CBC Radio) #
  • @LifeAligned (2nd reply?) What has entranced me: authenticity / realistic self-esteem seems to enable a humble confidence. Absence? Uh-oh! in reply to LifeAligned #

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