BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-08

  • It counts if you score while sliding on your back? ;p #NewJersey #Devils wh00p the Flyers. #
  • Maybe I'm slow; not stupid. It's taken me //9 years// to find an alternative funding model. A trust! To defray "cost of lost opportunity"! #
  • @dontbeaputz @PastorArmer @LifeAligned and perhaps others quoted Upton Sinclair this weekend. But there was no retweet; no credit. !social #
  • Get this: according to most recent Fundamentalist Christian propaganda, Obama has been asked by at least 4 Muslim countries to lead them! #
  • @WilfDinnick Greets – Caught some of "forum on participatory journalism" last night on CPAC. Video online somewhere? #

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