BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-03

  • Isn't that nice. New Jersey whomathingies tied the game against #Flyers #BecauseItsTheCup #
  • @Mickeleh Well ain't that somethin'! RT @hexachordal: in reply to Mickeleh #
  • Even nicer: #NewJersey #Devils take a commanding lead over the #Flyers 3 to 1. And only 6 minutes left in the 3rd. #
  • "Social" media? In my experience, individuals have become //less// responsive over time. Busier, perhaps, but less responsive as persons. #
  • "Despair = Suffering – Meaning" … n'est-ce pas? > < @BigThink #dharma … or "common sense". #
  • Oh, BTW, the "economic meltdown"? I modeled that mmmm in the late 70s. The more we "control" things, the more teh villains will manipulate. #
  • I don't understand. "Wall St lost its senses." How can you accept that as sensible? You're a fascist, or you aren't. If you are, then … #
  • "Once you start making big money, you don't want to stop." Oh. Like drug addiction. Or addiction to power. Amerikkka is afraid of 2+2. #
  • "Regulatory arbitrage" … a new game? Ohhh grow up. //That// democratically elected gov't is uncooperative? Over-throw them. Yuppy = crook. #
  • "Finance has turned out to be a cruel and destructive god". I was 14 when I understood that KKK types could deflect consequences. Grow up. #
  • @NellaLou Don't be too quick to dismiss outlying data. This could be the first blip of a new reactionary wave. in reply to NellaLou #
  • "Confidence is key to coming out of economic depression." Oh? How about sanity? How about relating to greed and laziness and corruption? #
  • The $2T sitting on the side-line? Not because of lack of confidence. Fianciers are blackmailing the body politic. Grow up FFS. #

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