BenTrem tweeted on 2012-04-28

  • Good-bye #Senators … it was great watching you; good show. /*sigh*/ #BecauseItsTheCup #
  • In the 1800s bison were slaughtered for fun. Today, bison are slaughtered for fun. The culture is //sick//. #
  • @ranger05 HeyYa Kevin; how's it up there? Yessir, me too … born and bred. And ranching's in my blood. I get riled by pig-headedness. ^5 in reply to ranger05 #
  • @ranger05 p.s. put a link in your bio! If you don't blog, throw some pics up on Flickr or something. Share the story! –ben in reply to ranger05 #
  • @ranger05 I've got one big move left in me; I figure foothills NE of Jasper. Sure do wish I'd made it to Yukon or Alaska. HeyHo. ^5 in reply to ranger05 #
  • @AdviceScene Yes, they do make a lot of sense. And I was talking about nut cases. So I wondered why you had pivoted. in reply to AdviceScene #
  • heehee … "We're all better off when we're all better off." > < Q: who would argue against that? And, more: //why//?! #

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