BenTrem tweeted on 2012-04-24

  • LA | #Vancouver #Canucks go to OT … nail-biter. #NHL #BecauseItsTheCup #
  • Oh. #Vancouver #Canucks are out. And #Boston #Bruins lost today, too. Oh. #NHL #BecauseItsTheCup #
  • @matvic … hard to figure. My way of thinking (w/o reference to my habs): if the Bruins can lose, who can't? HeyHo, cya down the road. ^5 in reply to matvic #
  • @alainsaffel I wickedly thought "Gonna start following the Oil Kings" and realized hey, that ain't such a bad thought! ;-) cheers in reply to alainsaffel #
  • @ckanal #Ottawa #Sens … now here's a bit of history in the making! Blazing path for Winnipeg! in reply to ckanal #
  • @mikesdharma The joke: it's actually true. :-) Tashi delek! in reply to mikesdharma #
  • wow tweets have slowed compared to months ago. #
  • What's with the students in the streets of Quebec? Think: graph income. Now graph cost of education. Do the math. Now, ask about justice. #
  • @AdviceScene Not likely that nut-balls and wing-nuts would be communitarian and collaborative! The CogPsych of ideology is fascinating. in reply to AdviceScene #
  • @AdviceScene Oh woa, that makes it look like that's what I said. And it most definitely is not. Nothing libertarian about that. yoiks in reply to AdviceScene #
  • @WindSector OMG tied at 3?! Wh00h000! Thanks so much! I didn't see the game … thought I heard that … wow, thanks! in reply to WindSector #
  • @arc90 I've loved using TBuzz all these months; thanks for that. But it used to have a Close button. Now? not so much. Regression? #
  • "Honolulu 311 Case Study"? No, not really. More like a very slight review > < GovLoop #
  • @WindSector My folk? Acadian. NewEnglanders took our land and deported us. And I'm a Habs fan. But will cheer Bruins except VS OTT. #karma in reply to WindSector #
  • @AdviceScene Well, that's nice. But it isn't a reply. Not sure how you got into monologue mode. in reply to AdviceScene #
  • @WindSector 1750s "Expulsion was part of the military campaign that the New Englanders used to defeat New France" > < in reply to WindSector #
  • @lumosity Hi – Great stuff!1 RFE: the choices we made for each category, at first? Those are uninformed choices. Allow these to be changed? #

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