BenTrem tweeted on 2012-04-08

  • @Firefox – For the first time in 17yrs, a Mosaic/Mozilla product has smashed my Inbox. Months of EMail trashed … 1 of 5 readable. meh #
  • @Firefox – I over-react. It's only the past 6 or 9 weeks that got smashed. First time T'bird ever fails me. #
  • This is Canada you want? Notification that Harper's assholes cutting community access program sent out middle of the night Good Friday AM. #
  • @jerrymichalski IMNSHO so long as 80/20 rules, schmooze and personality politics will dominate #AttentionEconomy And the Republic. in reply to jerrymichalski #
  • @mlane True enough. "Eventually". So "order of loading" should be first and foremost. in reply to mlane #

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