BenTrem tweeted on 2012-04-02

  • #NoAliensArmA3 – Some people need to have their heads examined. Really. > < (YouTube) cc: @Ace_Mod #
  • Thinking back over 35yrs of #dharma … #sangha I can think of, maybe, 5 or 6 … say 10 people I'd call simply authentic. KyeHo #
  • "Documentary: #Occupy Next" see hour 3 > < CBC Radio1 "Sunday Edition" (shouts to Ira Basen!) #
  • @OccupyWallSt – Documentary: "#Occupy Next" hour 3 > < CBCRadio1 "Sunday Edition" (shouts to Ira Basen and @Rushkoff!) #
  • @ksadjadpour The Lady won a seat! History in the making, yaa? :-) cc: @PaulHRosenberg in reply to ksadjadpour #
  • @HansRosling Compare US and Germany; in US hundreds of precision manufacturing jobs are sitting open / empty / waiting. #Culture #Economy #
  • @yourdon "Every breath like a sip of good tea" came to me on like day 18 of a 30 day / 10hr per day sitting retreat. (Gampo Abbey. Visit!) in reply to yourdon #
  • #YEG – Very odd weather phenomenon. White stuff in the air like uhhh like flakes of fog. Weird. #
  • @sparkcbc #HamRadio – Sent ASCII of Snoopy to friend in Mexico City, covering Olympics for CBCTV. From back of hippie bus. RTTY. 1969. 73! #
  • @dxcoffee Hi – Thanks for the follow. I've actually been silent for OMG almost 10yrs now, after more than 25yrs. Mostly net and QRP contest. #

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