BenTrem tweeted on 2012-03-31

  • Thanks to a 10minute slice of the 2.5hr I now understand Repo to Maturity! #
  • #Autism spectrum disorder – Ohhhhh my, new stats. 1 in 88 children … 1 in 55 boys … oh my goodness. #
  • Aargh! You can have an incidenT. And quite likely have incidenTS. And you can talk about the incidenCE of that. IncidenCES ain't likely!! #
  • @dan_munz But what gets me, Dan, is that it dishes good stuff. Pointing to such as Domestic Policy Council (DPC)? That's brill bro'. ^5 in reply to dan_munz #
  • Ferrer leads 6/5 in 2nd set, with Djokovic having won the first. Amazing tennis. #
  • I've spent hours each day for weeks and months working on one set of documents. I have to wonder: can folk sustain real discourse? #

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