BenTrem tweeted on 2012-03-29

  • Conservative Justice Scalia equates market for heart or liver transplant to "buying broccoli". Republicans are ideologically driven idiots. #
  • I could have predicted this decades ago. My cohort is anti-social. Truly. Eric Klinenberg's 'Going Solo' > < (PBS vid) #
  • @jannarden see < Late 70s, Main and Hastings, I read "The Great Canadian Novel". It would make a great play. namaste #
  • @jannarden Those who live a long long time live something like 1000 months. A coupla aye-blink, yaa? :-) in reply to jannarden #
  • @jannarden Willie … "The Lucky Ones" … a tribute: < in reply to jannarden #
  • Many US cities have nearly 50% of households single. Meanwhile "Mad Men" is all the rage. Sad, i'n'it? < #Music #
  • Wouldn't you agree that a certain personality type is in reality required for success in innovation? So: doesn't that use cult to throttle? #
  • "Which leader loves Alberta most will be an issue in this election." Oh, for the love of all that's holy, gimme a break! #YEG #

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