BenTrem tweeted on 2012-03-26

  • #Ponder – Because you buy into 80/20 (by choice?) you don't get it: #AttentionEconomy means "If I ignore, it goes away." And you win. Or not #
  • "I'm at XYZ cafe" … like it fucking matters. Truly brain-damaged society. "Society", note … not culture. #
  • #NDP – Scavenging the corpse of liberalism of course appeals to my cohort, who have sold out every principle they've ever known. #
  • @Manu_El_Suarez Desculpe me … no entiendo. in reply to Manu_El_Suarez #
  • You're far too clever to listen to my mere sense. For example: California is based on oil, and theft of water. Symbolic? yes. You care? no. #
  • Americans idea of antidote to ambition and greed is to suck the living blood out of any good idea that gets anywhere close to them. #karma #
  • Gawwwwwwwd I'm so glad I haven't done business with you. I log in to comment using WP … and get an IntenseDebate form afterwards. Maggots! #
  • @dpn Might be to you. Might be to me. Might be to 90% of the humans on the planet. But we must bear in mind: California culture rulez. ^5 in reply to dpn #
  • How sick is this: "Amused at my mother addicted to her iPad and daily deals on XYZ." My cohort's kidz are a pox. #
  • @stephendale Does anybody actually … I mean //really// "try to decide if they should switch to WordPress"? Do folk agonize over that? in reply to stephendale #
  • @ThankASoldier Just sayin': 6AM Eastern Time ain't the best time to tweet. stay well p.s. ^5 in reply to ThankASoldier #
  • I could run an NGO. PTSD? Sure. Zen? aype. Suicidal? Yes, that. I'd call it ReachOut. Straight up … no BS. "Down" is where you fall. #
  • @stephendale "Antagonize" is an interesting dynamic. Aversion to it results in a peculiar loss of … discrimination? Yes, that. :-) in reply to stephendale #
  • @stephendale p.s. If I showed that "Knowledge Hub" had ignored at least 2 decades of design … imagine how many folk I would antagonize! in reply to stephendale #

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