BenTrem tweeted on 2012-01-03

  • @lizstrauss 2 birds / 1 stone: PW was a brill chat community c/w ton of features. Realm, MPOG. Common: small companies, early stars, died. in reply to lizstrauss #
  • Aww geez, 30-something female park ranger gunned down in Washington State … on duty. Folk in the park are advised to "lay low". Awww geez. #
  • @coffeepartyusa see "in-group/out-group dynamics". Makes a ton of things simple, and there's social benefits too. #Fascism #Psychopath in reply to coffeepartyusa #
  • #Geek – I have a deep keyboard mapping problem. Q: what's a real good hardware / OS forum? F5 doesn't work, Alt-F4 also fails … weird. #
  • @lizstrauss PowWow was brill chat system, but for some reason died. Realm was fabulous MPOG; died when company was sold / re-sold. Late 90s. in reply to lizstrauss #
  • @govloop "Ease to answer" really ties in with #AttentionEconomy Popcorn gets the attention and thrives. 80/20, alas … age of ease. in reply to govloop #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy Funny thing: after 16yrs on web, I finally found a use for AnimGIF! see my avatar here ;p in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #

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