BenTrem tweeted on 2011-12-08

  • FYI … SitePoint puts on this sale every year: < cc: @BMN @Mlane #
  • Life sux when … huh huh I got 45 EMail from @GigaOm in a matter of minutes. Oh-woops! #
  • @PPCLIFoundation Hi there! You saw my tweet about the TimBits? :-) cheers –ben p.s. LER in the early 70s; then ComRsch. #
  • @Paul0Evans1 Nice long list … and none of the names in the list are active links? /*blink*/ in reply to Paul0Evans1 #
  • New video from Thank a Soldier: "Ever wondered what its like inside a combat outpost in Afghanistan?" > < #
  • @Diva_Fetish Stop Following and Following and Following. Go away. Shut up. Halt Cease Desist. GOT IT? #
  • @CBCRadioActive HiYa – Just caught the last moment; Samara? in Torotonto? Any contact information? (Podcast of the int'view?) TIA –ben #
  • @ifindkarma I almost agree with that. Add 1 step; an event, my reaction, my response … I can mindfully adjust my response. cc: @ireneau in reply to ifindkarma #
  • #YEG – Anybody know anyone doing equine massage in the area? Some horse therapist N of Red Deer? (I want to get into that.) #
  • #YEG – Was anybody listening to CBC AM this afternoon? A woman from Toronto talking about citizens meetings? Please please say yes! :-) #
  • @joerogan /me stuffs sock in mouth to choke off bad joke. p.s. Hey there Joe! in reply to joerogan #
  • @JayGilmore That's reasonable. Though it shows how even in '11 we're lame when it comes to interoperability. BTW how's the weather? ^5 –ben in reply to JayGilmore #
  • What I know most of all about "nice" people: if you don't suit them totally, or bribe, you get cold shoulder. #sangha #dharma #

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