BenTrem tweeted on 2011-11-23

  • #Egypt long story short, seems to me, after viewing a number of reports: Military is insisting on its terms in the new constitution. #Tahrir #
  • I read LinkedIn forums from time to time. I think I read one last July. And maybe a couple last year. #lame #
  • @saydischivil I very nearly blocked you and reported you for SPAM with that. I'll be looking at your Tweets … may yet still do that. in reply to saydischivil #
  • @CharlesMBlow Rather simplistic / reductionist, don't you think? Those who can only protest do that. Is this your best? Hmmm? in reply to CharlesMBlow #
  • #YEG – #WordPress geek? C'mon down! > < (MeetUp) #
  • #Egypt – It must be clear: the people are not asking. They are telling. The military must be spoken to, and clearly. #Tahrir #
  • @Drolma28 Isolationism is now dharma? Hmmmm … not sure I can buy into that. Tashi delek –KC: in reply to Drolma28 #
  • @Zen_Moments Why I moved over to Vajrayana: it understands "instrumentality". See, "come alive" can be read as "cheap buzz", in effect. _^_ in reply to Zen_Moments #
  • Ever asked yourself "Who coined the term 'fail whale'?" Here's the answer! < (Quora) #Twitter #

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