BenTrem tweeted on 2011-10-16

  • #OccupyWallSt – Don't suck people in. If you're gonna confront the power, you're gonna get swatted. Don't be stupid. Wanna take it on? Fine. #
  • #OccupyWallSt – Don't bullshit. Don't blur things. Non-violent, or not. Resisting LEO is not "non-violent". Make your play. Be clear. KISS. #
  • #OccupyWallSt – Now this isn't a suggestion … just sayin': you haven't seen a protest til you've seen a South Korean protest. Just sayin'. #
  • @sookyinlee Ace. (Recall anti-cruise mobilization early 80s? That was my 15mins.) Lisa's story could break the ice. Transformative, nae? :) in reply to sookyinlee #
  • @sookyinlee Oh-wooops I meant Tzeporah … GreenPeace/MacBlo. in reply to sookyinlee #
  • @Tzeporah "Do what you can where you are!" :-) BTW heard you on DNTO. Tectonic. But 1 quibble "We can have our own opinions; not own facts." in reply to Tzeporah #
  • @J_Goldstein You've lead a good life. just sayin' ;p in reply to J_Goldstein #
  • #ReclaimHistory #OccupyWallSt – "loving solidarity with the poor as well as a liberatory protest against poverty." > < #

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