BenTrem tweeted on 2011-10-12

  • YEG – Anyone doing silviculture in our ravines and parks? Arborialists and such work on inviduals; silvi-types work on forests. #
  • @cbcasithappens I G+'d your Afgh torture story; a correspondent there fed me this from Reuters: > < cheers –ben #
  • From the lap of luxury on this Canadian Thanksgiving day, a big _hooa_ to all the folk serving today, be they troopers or bus drivers. #
  • @cfl_esks Family in town to celebrate sister's 50th Saturday. 6 of us at the game. Fab. Game? /*caff*/ Ok … ok … little things. :-) ^5 #
  • @cfl_esks p.s. < 00:20 … Julius hesitates, OL commits = sack. Luvly move. "Little things" ayep. luv ya! #
  • @cfl_esks With solid D, O can work on timings and execution. (Is why I play D? /*G*/) in reply to cfl_esks #
  • #YEG – You're so drunk and crude; you're so prissy and pure. I only grew up here. You don't like what I say, so I'm wrong. KKK … show me. #
  • I came home with a reason. And i've been wrong about 0 ever. Such good young men … wooped. Castrated. #YEG has pride? Where. Dummy up. #
  • @davinian Woo! I don't think I've seen that before. Done it myself a coupla times but … thanks for the cross-pollination! :-) in reply to davinian #
  • @davinian p.s. I brew my own beer … I call my 8% fave "Fail Whale Pale Ale" :-) in reply to davinian #

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