BenTrem tweeted on 2011-09-15

  • "Flash Interactive: Layers of Lower Manhattan" > < ( Fabulous! #InfoGraphics #
  • Dear "Progress Software" – I just marked your email as SPAM. I know it isn't. But you're that creepy. Your email is creepy. Your site, too. #
  • @preetbanerjee Nice reply to Jim; I like that. But his point deserves attention. I'm at the front of a long line … the line is still long! #
  • @spiver You know I have a feeling some of us did something informal in Hali; just odd I can't recall the day. 11th is so vivid/clear. TD! in reply to spiver #
  • @percolate RFE: on /notifications/ state that "Settings update immediately on change" or something. We're accustomed to "Save Changes" btn. in reply to percolate #
  • @preetbanerjee Just so Preet. Significant point: that worsening conditions lead to hyper-competition (mkting?) btween job-seekers. New norm? in reply to preetbanerjee #
  • "5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy" > < #Grist #
  • @preetbanerjee Fave line from someone on Charlie Rose: "Winners won't be the creative, but those who are _creatively_ creative." Yikes! :-) in reply to preetbanerjee #
  • @mollyfud Sorry but with neither context nor Reply To link … ESP on the blink here; too bad, so dad. in reply to mollyfud #
  • @mollyfud … I had to /figure out/ who you were. Couldn't just tell me? Couldn't provide context? I find that weird. In keeping with &tc. in reply to mollyfud #
  • @mollyfud BTW it wouldn't have been hard to actually /use/ the "Long Tweet" function and write a couple of lines. Everything PRGS is weird. in reply to mollyfud #

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