BenTrem tweeted on 2011-09-03

  • I've known for decades that careerist yuppies care for nothing but ambition. Not security, not money. And not lives.< #
  • When I hear the full story of a good man I have a problem: I loathe the servile cretinous people I see around me. Yes, I mean you. It's hard #
  • @Klout – Twice today. You're really buggind me. see > < I tried your EMail form. It failed. Cease the EMail. Read this. #
  • Just found a bunch of #YEG related material in … "higher ups" sure know how to bum folk out. #
  • "Political Repression 2.0" by @evgenymorozov > < Uncritical boosterism is a great way of avoiding harsh truths. #

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