BenTrem tweeted on 2011-08-31

  • Still not feeling good about ignoring Twitter for G+ … doesn't seem just. Twitter's been so good to me. Google's so arse. LuvzYa! #
  • "11Kmile motorcycle fundraiser / awareness of Women & Children in Jails and Prisons" > < Irene crushed buddy's bike! #
  • @acarvin Well I was surprised, Andy. I know I get pretty hot here but @ITGeek is heh my better angel. best ^5 in reply to acarvin #
  • Dear Algeria – I don't think you realize how much good will you are burning up by sheltering the Gadafis. #
  • Dear @Firefox – 16yrs of loyalty is hanging by a thread. see "Firefox Takes a Step Back With Version 6" > < #
  • Google no just hard-headed stubborn; just greedy. "Google Confirms It Aims to Own Your Online ID" > < (I told you so!) #
  • Someone a #GoogleEarth expert? Opening KML required DXWebSetup, which was new to me. Now GEarth fails to launch. Damned M$ does it again! #

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