BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-26

  • Poll: +Names Policy – Allow names fitting "what friends and family call you in daily life"; apply stated policy!" < #
  • @lamajigme Lamal-lah? Inquiring into matters of prosecutorial juriceprudence? KyeHo … in reply to lamajigme #
  • @BorowitzReport Okiez, shurr will. ^5 in reply to BorowitzReport #
  • @BorowitzReport RFE: s / douchiness / douchidity … more Anglo sounding, doncha think? in reply to BorowitzReport #
  • @dougald If ever, to re-experience what quality and attending to detail is like, seek no further than any classic by my beloved Kate Bush. in reply to dougald #
  • @dougald Savor the moment; each in-breath is the finest tea … yaa? :-) in reply to dougald #
  • "The battle for American innovation: New York City takes aim at Silicon Valley" > < (SmartPlanet) via IForgetWhom. #
  • @DebtTrut Good gawd stop it., Deer slug is plenty bad enough … pornography of violence in the daily news. No, really. #
  • @KinshinC Just so. This sheds light on why I'm offended at how people make light of Google shutting off people's access to Buzz and G+. in reply to KinshinC #
  • @sourcePOV So many fine docs / so much fine text / I still see naught "EcoSys". in reply to sourcePOV #
  • @sourcePOV Is it perhaps that, regarding that corpus of corriculum / pedagogy, someone came up with "Eco-Systematics"? Porte-manteau? in reply to sourcePOV #
  • I see "Bernard ben Tremblay" is still suspended by G+. Know what? says more about you than me.And nothing good. Like I said: you're trash. #
  • Good news: Google unblocked my G+ account. Not so good news: where's my wattet? (not kidding) #
  • @jhlagado G'day Mr. Hardy! :-) in reply to jhlagado #
  • Jack Layton steps down as leader of NDP. Not happy news: a new cancer. #
  • Jack Layton NOT stepping down as leader of NDP; he's taking "leave of absence". (Not happy news: a new cancer.) #

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