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  • @jeff_hayes And more! I wanted to note the style of writing; not contentious per say, but answering contentious points. I find it effective. in reply to jeff_hayes #
  • "G+ GoogleCards WordPress Plugin" > < via +John Henson +Brandon Campeaux @campeaux #
  • @virtualactivism Hope it didn't hurt! in reply to virtualactivism #
  • @JianGhomeshi – You really didn't resonate to "tragedy of the commons"? Oh Jian … the implications of that … oh my, that's pretty dire. #
  • @jianghomeshi Oh, I think you do. Someone says something and you resonate … it rings your bell. My, what has happened to language?! in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @jianghomeshi No patronizing intended; was painfully earnest. BTW "You really didn't resonate to "tragedy of the commons"?" sri, confusing? in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @jianghomeshi That notion was such a banner for many, for so many years. That it's furled is 1 thing; that it isn't recognized? Shocked me. in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @jianghomeshi Oh I see. "Bad grammar" is my "You didn't resonate to the idea of X?" Then I guess I'll plead guilty to patronizing also. in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • //85// killed by that gunman in Norway?! Oh lord … now folk will use this to argue for personal fire-arms. #
  • I have read ill-intent into innocent words; I know how that works. I don't think it a virtue. But it seems yuppies' kidz do, and a skill! #
  • @jannarden Anyone you recall (bass player? roadie?) who really had it together? You know, work / life balance. cheers –ben in reply to jannarden #
  • @jianghomeshi Ahar! That's what came to mind in the moment; so glad I can scratch that datapoit. :-) cheers in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • "Information and Communication Technology Geographies: Strategies for Bridging the Digital Divide" > < #
  • @jianghomeshi p.s. "also consider that i sometimes …" is why I asked. I think from now on I'll just rant. Thanks for the tip. /*sigh*/ in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • Google is as dumb as it is wealthy and powerful. G+ "Bernard (ben) Tremblay" yanked. "Bernard ben Tremblay" restored, then yanked again. #
  • @ITGeek fm Team: "The issue isn't ben it was the parenthesis. standards ask that you not use obscure punctuation .I unblocked your Profile" in reply to ITGeek #
  • "Real People, Real Environments, and Realistic Economics" > < E3Network mission statement #
  • If you look into what people say, I mean the actually content, you very often find that they're all hat / no cattle. It's smoke. Nonsense. #
  • Next guy who give me *shrug* I'm gonna reach through the screen and punch him right in the nose. #
  • @jstogdill Vy imp. point. If we simply, soberly, humbly look at common points we will then be able to say a lot. truly cc: @newmediajim in reply to jstogdill #
  • If you're interested in how Google treats people, how the explain their policy (and fail to do so), and how (cont) #

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