BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-22

  • "Information flow can reveal dirty deeds
    Analysis of Enron e-mails reveals structure of corrupt networks" > < via G+ #
  • @travisgordon Fine as store-bought candy here; you? Had a couple very very fine HGs. Definitely worth the misses to have the hits! cheers in reply to travisgordon #
  • "Understanding HTML5 Content Models" > < via +Mike Lane @MLane #
  • "Change.Is.Hard; WWW can help foment revolutions, but the hard work of democracy takes place mostly offline." > < #
  • @JianGhomeshi – Someone at Mother should do "HipHopping the Globe" or something … sweet vibes bro'! #
  • "Microblogging at Capgemini" > < ( #
  • #YEG – Edson / Grande Cache / Swan Hills area – Tornado Watch #
  • @BrentButt … ain't on G+ yet hunh. ;p in reply to BrentButt #
  • @dahowlett W4M in reply to dahowlett #
  • History – First time I've had to dissalow new accounts on my Wiki. Sad … but dozens and dozens of SPAM accounts each days is too much. #
  • Harper's Conservatives launch environmental monitoring to improve tar sand's image / public profile. Dear Peter Kent – WTF happened to you?! #

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