BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-15

  • G+ showing its true colors: A-list blogs about "Global Community" then shares 0 on his posts page; RWW writer allows only some to comment. #
  • First they ignore what you posts, they they block you from commenting, then they set their posts FriendsOnly. A-list on Google+ #Yuppies #
  • Yuppies are sliding a very new sort of draw-bridge into place. No, you won't notice when I'm shut off. Heck, you might clap your hands! #
  • Looking at A-list high handedness, and now "No access to past posts" I see how little folk really care about sanity and reality. Horrifying #
  • @BernardMarr I describe my "Ehibitum" system as "discourse-based decision support"; amazed so very few people are even slightly interested! in reply to BernardMarr #
  • I wanted to fwd "Best Practices for Measuring Help Desk Performance Help Desk Software Whitepaper" > < to @ZenDesk. heh #
  • Is #Google "Blog Platform? or Black Hole?" > < … very sad about how this is all going. Very. #
  • "Why Files Need to Die; Files are an anachronism in the digital age. It's time for something better." > < (OReilly) #
  • "Once you really understand HTML5, you'll change the way you think about the web." > < (OReilly) #
  • "The Case Against Online Participation and Government As A Platform" > < via +John Moore @JohnFMoore #
  • #dharma – Is it just me? Seems that more and more cultural activity (e.g. on Google+) is paradigmatic "hungry ghost" behaviour. #
  • Simply: when people don't read the post, and don't read what's written in previous Comments, what can we say about their motives? _Plenty_. #
  • Thinking about access to my posts in G+, I think this shows Google's high-handed contempt for the dev community. Redo from start; screw you. #

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