BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-04

  • I watch the transactions that succeed thinking, "What a load of crap." I watch the transactions that fail and think: This game is crooked. #
  • "How do you put your spiritual practice to use in the face of danger?" > < My cohort taught there kidz to live FF. Dang #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere Whatever gets a man up and about at this hour's gotta be suthin' good. stay well ^5 in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere p.s. Playing CD Evan gave '03. Met him a Hali cafe, after performance. I asked, What part AB you from? He A: Austin. heh in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • I'm not saying I should succeed. I'm saying I've watched good men fail. Tripped up. Elbowed aside. F*d over. Me? *shrug* I keep count. #
  • @toughLoveforx Maybe that's it; I wonder if someone has written how the comfort some enjoyed in '50s and '60s was some sort of peak. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @sparkcbc I just heard a great set of interviews about startup. But I find No Such on … 'sup? in reply to sparkcbc #
  • @newmediajim I've got some dishes over here … in reply to newmediajim #
  • "Google for Crowdsourcing Crisis Information, Crisis Mapping and Disaster Response" > < cc: @shaine #
  • Want to see an example of someone successfully gaming #Twitter Just peek @ElMonte08 … total nonsense, but 7K+ Following. Insanity. #
  • @DarcyTheCensor Just to say (And yaa, I do quibble) the cops' "Yelling" is actually just them talking loud enough for their side of convo. #
  • I can't recall last time I partied so much in one weekend. Surprised / pleased that I don't feel totally wretched! #
  • "Walking Around In Circles: As Google Opens Up Will People Start Using It Correctly?" > < (TechCrunch) #
  • "On Attribution and Credit"; @parislemon responding to John Gruber (@Gruber) > < #
  • CBC Radio1 pgm on science, religion and rationality … 1st time in months I'm moved to actually write something. (Zeitgeist bums me out.) #
  • "What’s the Point of Transcendence?" > < #
  • "The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values" by Sam Harris > < ( #
  • @newmediajim /me moves 2litre bottle of 7% homebrew IPA from shelf to kitchen table and waits … patiently. ;) in reply to newmediajim #
  • @toughLoveforx Ooh, that's a lovely data point, really. Thanks! p.s. coincides w/McCarthyism … how spooky is /that/?! in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • CBC Radio1 – Jean leCarre on Russia; Putin as biggest oligarch ever, corruption of appalling proportions, "huge kleptocracy", etc etc … #
  • @toughLoveforx Dunno who scares me worse, McCarthy or MacArthur! p.s. see my < in reply to toughLoveforx #

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