BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-18

  • #YEG – "Conditions are favorable for the formation of funnel clouds or tornados" … that's still only a "watch", right? #
  • @ITGeek Use my line: "I sure am slow, but I ain't stuhpud!" in reply to ITGeek #
  • @ChathamHouse – I managed to re-factor my "participatory deliberation" system to accord with the rule. It's like applying Rawl's "veil"! #
  • #philosophy – Who wrote that we each of us choose for all; was that Sartre? Imagine the opposite: to speak purely, loudly, confidently .. #
  • @RBReich – Just now on Gov. Deval Patrick, Mass Charlie Rose worried that "next quarter" thinking was seeping from business into gov't. #
  • @matvic Nortel came to mind. Not a happy story! in reply to matvic #
  • @Hala_Aldosari I've always strained to distinguish publicity contra marketing; manipulation 24/7 is brain poisoin. cc: @monaeltahawy in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • Each time some #yuppie entity accidentally makes a clear show of its dis-interest in #innovation I add a zero to the amount I'll charge. $2M #

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