BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-11

  • #VAN – #BOS in 7? *sigh* K … I'm in for Canucks in 6. Either they figure out how to win, or they don't. And if they don't … #
  • #SlashAndBurn – "We cut the trees, then we burn it all. I know it destroys the soil's fertility. But there's no other way to eat!" #Honduras #
  • The Montreal police shooting? The "officers" haven't been questioned yet. Now, you tell me #yuppies care one bit about doing things well. #
  • @nytjim – Nice int'view on CBC Radio1 ("Mother Corporation"). Refreshing to hear discussion w/o catastrophizing. cheers –ben #
  • @TheCurrentCBC – Wouldn't expect you to post most recent podcast immediately, but how about shot list? UBC prof; I missed his name. dang … in reply to TheCurrentCBC #
  • @tweepi Hi there! Attractive site! Require me to register before seeing what it delivers! Not a chance! So sorry! Have a nice life! *sigh* #
  • @nytjim Mother Corp traditionally has ace techs / editors / producers. /me pats self on back *G* cheers in reply to nytjim #
  • @nytjim p.s. In the dawn of "information radio" (late 60s / early 70s.) BBC and CBC collaborated a lot on best practices. #SoberBalance in reply to nytjim #
  • #BoltFromTheBlue – Funny how rational exchange jogs thoughts. I /might/ have said, "I've had a long career in SigInt and diplomatic comms." #
  • @Michaelkryton – You're in YEG? Did I know that?! :-) cheers –ben #
  • @Michaelkryton _No puedo recibir esto._ Perhaps you can identity that FusedLogic show in the archive? in reply to Michaelkryton #
  • @socialstyles You SHOUT while talking about STYLE? You GOTTA be KIDDING me. in reply to socialstyles #
  • Joking w/cab driver re: beer, he sooooo proud of never.ever drinking. Backing out from my home he rams telephone pole. heh #ArseHole #
  • p.s. FWIW in 3hrs this Twitter account got 1.75K new tweets. *yoiks* #
  • @soldiersangels Hi – Just found you. FB group I hope? ^5 #
  • @CBCEdmonton Hi You had someone on just now, a TEDx spkr, but on you have Sheetal Mehta Walsh. Who was he? #GoodBusiness #
  • @CBCEdmonton p.s. lists name. No bio, no data, no info … just names. #YEG *D'uhh* #
  • When I look at what #yuppies produce what I find is just what I figure #yuppies would produce: max income, min functionality. #matrix #borg #
  • While my peers were still picking their noses I was on the hippie bus. While friends were shifting that good from SF away, I was in uniform. #
  • @samjenkins Thanks. I have to ask: why not link from /me does tech_docs & logistics. in reply to samjenkins #
  • Get someone at TEDx to talk about this: how the dominant paradigm is to monopolize access i.e. /screw/ doing things well. #YEG #yuppies #
  • @samjenkins I wasted my life making sure good things were done well. Thanks to TEDxYEG for reminder of that? p.s. created hyper-docs in 80s. in reply to samjenkins #
  • Your politics make you stupid: My point is that lists (like lists of speakers) can/should be linked to ancillary pages e.g. bios. *d'uhh!* #
  • "Self-congratulatory" in and of itself is not so toxic. But when it's combined with denial e.g. when work done is seriously mediocre? Poison #
  • @brainpicker Registration previous to substantial demo; I see more and more of that. In effect (i.e in reality) sophisticated trolling! in reply to brainpicker #
  • What exhausts me is combating the sophistry. " We provided a list a speakers; you miss links to bios? pffffft you. The event is sold out." #

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