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  • @Ogmin Oh, close is "Chopal". And seen Choepal. Just now, on CD "Wisdom&Compassion (Lama Karta. Get it!) saw the practice spelled "tcheud"! in reply to Ogmin #
  • #Tibetan – Would Tcheudpal be huh huh over the top? #
  • @Ogmin *phew!* Finally found this … wasn't easy. > < in reply to Ogmin #
  • What I find sooo unpleasant about forums: shows just how dishonest #yuppies really are. Passive-aggressive sophistry. Better plain flames! #
  • What had started out as a glorious weekend turned into a septic pond. #Yuppies self-validating gack is truly, truly noxious. #
  • @TimGoos Thanks for that. But I mean in the public eye, in conversation… word of mouth … heh zeitgeist, what she calls to mind? in reply to TimGoos #
  • @ZenDirtZenDust "Tell a fool he's being foolish and he'll call you a fool." More: folk who aren't authentic cannot credit that to others. in reply to ZenDirtZenDust #
  • #dharma – From what I understand "it" we fearlessly accept our fellows as they are. #Yuppies lie, fib, distort, and then demand loyalty. #
  • #Flashback – So I return the jab the guy served and he comes back, dead calm, with, "You f'n pr*ck." "Takes 1 to know 1" I say. heh cheers! #
  • #food – Eating pottage made during y'day's NHL game. Fabulous! I was right to add the shrooms. But wrong to add red peppers so early. #
  • #QuoteMe – Man wasn't made for ideology. Ideology was made for man, by man. ("Man" here means "human", of course.) #
  • @digiphile Proper thing! Finest kind of work, and it calls for a good man to do it! :-) in reply to digiphile #
  • 50 is the new 26? Schweet, then I'm 32 … suits me fine! #
  • @jianghomeshi – Jian, really. She acted on a whim and is not called "heroic". She motivated only crackpots. FB consciousness: self-indulgent #
  • "If someone irritates you in the first minute or two, probably they have a borderline personality disorder." That's "wisdom" in our society. #
  • @jianghomeshi 2 problems here: first, I wasn't quoting you. But I typo'd. "not called "heroic" => "now being called heroic" And she has. ^5 in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @jianghomeshi p.s. imagine (back in the day) someone suggests disrupting a Reform Party convention. Brave and outspoken? Tough calls! in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @TimGoos Grande … just what I wanted to hear. Have concept for a mmmm Center on Civics sort of thing. Her name would look good on it! :-) in reply to TimGoos #
  • @TimGoos p.s. 1984 – 2004 in NS, so knew /of/ her, but knew her naught. cheers in reply to TimGoos #
  • @jianghomeshi Sure did Jian, and kudos for "nuanced" … just so. Hard cases surface the problematics! :-) cheers to all at Mother Corp. in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @CBC – Fingers on your buzzers; Gzowski item, fabled; think "horses", name "Vick Dardik"? circa 1974. #CanadianHistory cc: @jiangomeshi #
  • @Firefox – Was paranoid of updating to FF5. Created empty profile; copied over data from FF3. Joy ensues. wh00t #
  • #FireFox #FF5 – I miss having google search box; some extension works with this version? TIA #
  • "We all need to see ourselves represented in culture." Ring wing likely would deny this. #Yuppies would agree, then give it the lie in deed. #
  • "Clear and present danger"; is right wing BS protected as free speech? and if the "facts" are 1) evidently wrong and 2) alarmist? #discourse #
  • Domain squatters are a pox. #
  • @Fozziedog /me head over heels in reply to Fozziedog #
  • @TimGoos Wow, the family's behind that?! Well heck I should approach them directly! Wouldn't expect them to schill, but … cheers! in reply to TimGoos #
  • #80 20 – Most folk follow the buss and produce max amount of popcorn. Sensible, in a way. Me? I explore failure modes to discern edge cases. #
  • @Revkin My nutty idea: find some process that transforms natural gas into a thin liquid … "near gasoline", in the sense of "near beer". in reply to Revkin #
  • #YEG – Anyone on Twitter a petro-chemist? #
  • Sure wish I had convo! To proceed axiomatically in order to show that first principles are, actually, no more than proposals, conjecture. #
  • #Statistics – Which other countries have US level of millionares by %? which has % under poverty line? % in penitentiary? #

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