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  • To my #FF friends: "Lifting My Heart" by Ulrich, Henderson and Forbes aka UHF > < (YouTube) No folkie like Cdn folkie! #
  • @zackwhittaker Kind of you! But heh takes a good deal more than that to knock this old goat off stride. Just ODing on white sugar bla-blah. in reply to zackwhittaker #
  • @zackwhittaker p.s. this here curmudge-type person ain't no-how reforming no way! ;-p have a good weekend in reply to zackwhittaker #
  • To #FF friends: "Lifting My Heart" by Ulrich, Henderson and Forbes aka UHF > < (YouTube) No folkie like Cdn folkie! #
  • #SocialMedia – Communications that go in one ear, out the other, straight into the garbage. *FAIL* #
  • @esukop Oh my. If it seemed I was correcting you, I apologize. I was keying off "#dehumanization is the liquidation of being human". Respect in reply to esukop #
  • @esukop If I may: "dehumanization" … "love is an active verb" … when we are not responsive / authentically present, we reduce the other. in reply to esukop #
  • @esukop (Forgive me; Friday evening and I'm in a mood!) I can't think of better than discourse to truly dignify the other. And ourselves! in reply to esukop #
  • Only in Canada! … airing right now … who'd uh thunk it?! *snort* #
  • #dharma #lungta – I'm riding a wave of yogini energy, is whot. E.Ma! *beam* #
  • @esukop Fridays come & go (if the the crick don't rise!); HardCore Happiness lasts! p.s. dusty old blog: in reply to esukop #
  • "Free Plugin Lets You Use WordPress Multisite to Power Multiple BuddyPress Social Networks" > ( #WPMU #
  • dePape simply abused her trusted position. That's not protest: that's vandalism. See you on the barricades kiddo! *not* #harper #parliament #
  • @esukop Essays. I'm not embarrassed by the posts, but they're hardly publication quality. (I write extempore.) in reply to esukop #
  • #SocialMedia – Individuals who've grown up in socially impoverished situations are not likely to recognize legitimate authenticity. #matrix #
  • "World Fusion #Music Manifesto" > < #
  • @MediaTip Your Nick already appears at the front of the tweet. Adding it again at the end merely kills my tweet. #Netiquette in reply to MediaTip #
  • "Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding" by Jesse Winchester > < Such sweet schmaltz! #music #
  • Have you authorized other apps to your Twitter account? Take a mo' to see just how many: #
  • @NewMindMirror Ok, let's say that flatter /can/ be meaningful. But what's its meaning? I appreciate compliments; flattery is something else. #
  • Help me push through Twitter's 2K Follow limit? > < #
  • @NewMindMirror Ooh, that's good. There's deff a nice sense to that. And it doesn't seem to contradict my thinking about "flattery"! hunh in reply to NewMindMirror #
  • I wonder how much it would take to get me to do /any/ sort of job (by which I mean "a piece of work", on contract) for M$. I truly can't. #
  • Its our experience and activity that give words their meaning. So "social media" that's brusk and, well, just plain rude … that's rot. #
  • @fusedlogic Oh, a while back … coupla months … a bit of a tweet-thread "in praise of snark". It was plenty funny! in reply to fusedlogic #
  • @fusedlogic p.s. I've always used "political" to describe a certain way of presenting one's self. This old goat is ?what? more uncontrived. in reply to fusedlogic #
  • @fusedlogic BTW the image shows "1 of 4", but subsequent were no-show. FF3 here. in reply to fusedlogic #
  • #haiku – This just came out, in 1 piece: "Spring's present, sun high. | Sky's one inchoate gray cloud. | Will I waste this day?" #
  • Walter you can't imagine how close what you wrote corresponds with the core elements of my *stealth cone lowers* project. Really. Concretely #
  • #NHL – CBC site says game 2 is "6PM local" … WTF?! #
  • @jannarden Scwheet. Just re-encountering UHF; me thinks Roy has something in the works' Shari has a YouTube. /me rocks out to "Crazy Talk" in reply to jannarden #
  • @CBC – #NHL Right sidebar schedule says "6PM local". That's ambiguous. The game is in Boston; "local" means 6PM ET? Disambiguate: 6PM MT pls #
  • #scam – Got older relatives? parents? Look out: "free in-house water test" can be terrible con … perfectly fine tap water seems foul. #

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