BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-30

  • What's "principled" mean? Stealing is ok, so then … don't treat folk as second-class citizens? That happens every day. So, really … #
  • "Nice" means going along with the game //as it's played//. Sell out, succeed, get rich, attain position … and then talk "principle". #borg #
  • What's special about #Gov2 0: folk who aren't politicos get to have their say. Sadly most folk have been conditioned and suck up to A-list. #
  • @keesdenhartigh Zounds, 14yrs network admin UofA?! Gadd … seems masochistic. ;p cheers #
  • My reply to @LedFace's "Knowledge is not mine, not yours. Only the arrangement is ours." > (cont) #
  • What do you call it when someone goes along with something corrupt in order to gain, or avoid loss? I call it fascism. So sue me. #borg #
  • "Content Curation versus Content Creation" > < via @KBucketeer #
  • #NowPlaying – Cream, "Badge" … 1968 I bought a $75 hollow-body bass (Vox Cougar) and learned every note Jack Bruce played. Ah-lah! #
  • #dharma – Everytime I catch an existential glimpse of cold-shoulder / high-elbows I re-commit to tonglen. Such a sorry, sorry culture we are #
  • #42 – If you didn't object to how we were butchering members of civil society in the past, do you truly support civil society now? #borg #
  • #NowPlaying – Massive Attack, "Jackal; SuperPredator" #
  • @ProPublica Tornado "proof"? No, prolly not. But tornado /safe/ i.e. increase survivability 10-fold … prolly. in reply to ProPublica #

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